Let's Explore female domination together, let's reframe the obvious ♀

One of the reasons Lady Edyn is so easily able to enslave men is that she has that perfect blend of feminine curves with a very fit physique. Her thighs in particular tend to gather many stray eyes from nearby men, so if this male wants permission to kiss them he will have to earn it with his pain.

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The atmosphere is perfect – candles lit, incense burning, sexy music filling the room. Your man comes to you, deliciously naked skin glowing in the candlelight…

You see the hunger in his eyes and know that it matches your own. He lays down on the bed on his stomach and your eyes feast on his hot round ass. You run your hand down his back for a moment, relishing the feel of his skin.

Then, your eyes focused on that beautiful ass, you strike – smacking his ass with your flat open palm, feeling it smart and knowing it’s even more acute for him. Your ears find joy in his delicious moan of pain and pleasure as your eyes feast on the red mark your hand left behind. You raise your hand, preparing to strike again.

Welcome to the exciting and erotic world of male spanking. Spanking is one of several forms of sexual dominance play, and this article is about the more playful aspects of play spanking (to condition him to your authority) and NOT punishment spankings, which are designed to CORRECT bad behaviour.

It is often, but not always, accompanied by other bondage and discipline pleasures ranging from lightly tying your partner to the bed to full fledged leather straps and ball gags. Sometimes male spanking is done with a flat open palm, sometimes with a paddle, hair brush, or horse crop. Male spanking comes in many forms, as wide and varied as the imagination of the partaking partners.

If you are new to the world of discipline, you may wonder why someone would choose to be spanked.

There are many reasons why your male partner might be into this. For some, the trials and pressures of daily life create stress, and letting go and letting someone else be in charge for a while can be very attractive and fulfilling. For others, pain equals pleasure – as in “it hurts so good.”

Some men simply enjoy the occasional sharp and playful whack on the ass during intercourse or while masturbating. Others enjoy a more prolonged spanking session – which creates discomfort but can also transport the “spankee” into an almost Zen-like state of meditation, as the body releases endorphins in response to the perceived body trauma.

Some men enjoy full-fledged bondage and discipline sessions where they are made to feel completely helpless and at the mercy of their partner.

For them, the humiliation and helplessness are the biggest turn-ons, and the spanking is only one small aspect to that. As with any sexual act, communication with your partner is vital, in an atmosphere that is open, loving, and truly accepting.

If you and your partner wish to explore the world of male spanking, there are a few tips to help you have the most enjoyable experience possible:

  1. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. – This deserves repeating several times. Sexual fantasies are often difficult to discuss with partners. Many of us carry a fear that our partners will be turned off or will think we are too weird for words if we share the deepest sexual desires of our heart with them. It can be difficult for your male partner to admit he feels the need for a good old-fashioned ass beating, but if you are able to lovingly accept him and help fulfill his fantasies, it will bring a deeper level of closeness to your relationship. You may also find that the act of spanking him awakens pleasures in you that you may want to wish to explore further.
  2. Create a Safe Word – A safe word is a very important aspect of all discipline play, particularly as the play intensifies. Along with the desire for “more, more, more” comes the moment when a person feels they’ve enough – or even too much, and that is where the safety word comes in. It’s very important to make this word something completely unrelated to the sexual act. Don’t count on simply being able to tell your partner to stop, since saying “no” is usually part of the overall illusion of helplessness. Great examples of safe words are: Carolina, banana, or snaggletooth.
  3. Explore New Tools of the Trade – As you enter the world of discipline play, feel free to explore different things. There are many and varied sexual tools, from the paddles, whips and cat-o-nine-tails found in your local adult shop to typical household items such as fly swatters and spatulas. The most basic tool of all, of course, is the human hand. The possibilities are endless and all a matter of personal preference. Be playful and open minded and you may discover exciting and surprising new pleasures along the way.
  4. Fantasize. – When spanking, feel free to fantasize. Creating scenarios can greatly increase the pleasure and sharing. Perhaps you’re the angry teacher paddling the ass of your very naughty pupil. Or your male partner might be a patient in the hospital, needing a special “spanking therapy” in order to heal. Maybe he’s the dishonest bookkeeper needing to be punished after you discovered him embezzling money from you. Maybe he’s a man you’ve picked up in a bar with the intention of expressing your will upon him. Let your imaginations soar together. You never know where they might take you.

The most important thing to remember is that no matter how disciplinary activities might appear on the surface, they are mutually consensual and pleasurable activities.

Any “hustle” or “threats” are only a part of the “atmosphere” and are never serious, that is ladies, until he learns female supremacy is not a game, and the ‘play time’ has turned into ‘real time’. By then, it will be too late for him… )))

Thank you femalesupremacy

First, I want to preface this thread that this is not one of those fantasy posts, this is an honest way that I perform chastity with my husband. When he first approached me with this, I was a bit skeptical, it seemed beyond my experience, but after three months of doing this, it is a major turn on for me knowing that my husband cannot touch himself without me unlocking him.

Because I worry if I am doing something wrong attaching the chastity devices (yes, we use multiple for different reasons) what I do is tell my husband which one I want him to wear. We have a plain chastity device, a birdlocked pico that we use for punishment, and a spiked cock ring for what I like to consider his “porn sensitivity trainer.” We also have a heavy ball stretcher and a remote shocker that I have him wear in public under his clothes and alternate between ball stretching or shocking and chastity when he goes out in public. The shocker can be fun, it is remote, push the button for a surprise or when he gets out of line. If he jerks and anyone asks just say it was back spasms.. haha

I want to reiterate what a turn on this has become for me as his wife knowing I control his cock. I am a busy person and what took away from this at first was attaching the devices and locking them in to place. Now, I have him put the device on and lock it and have him get things ready for the scenarios I want to play which I will go in to detail below.
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Damm, I like having fun!! Of course My version of fun is BEATING THE HELL OUT OF MY SLAVES, HAHA I am so evil. Another slave tryout today and another slave pushed way passed his limits. I TRAIN FOR PAIN like no other Femdom. This slave is enormous standing at 6-6 he towers over Me but you know what they say THE BIGGER THEY ARE THE HARDER THEY FALL LOL. When he bends over he looks like some alien being with only two legs and a huge butt HAHA so I call him Mr. just-a-butt ROFL. Be that as it may your Empress as little as she is has no problem wrenching him to his breaking point in no time. I always convince them to take more pain then they think they can’t. I just have a way for brainwashing men and turning them into My pain sluts-I LOVE THIS JOB! xoxo -your EMPRESS

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Title: Make Him Cry for $1000

During this clip I’m going to beat this slave and I have a customer that payed me to really hurt him badly as a custom video request. I will get up to $1000 bonus depending on how badly I hurt him. I go through three different whips n really make him cry like a broken pain slave, haha! Watch me in a hot latex dress whipping him and laughing about it, especially when I know it was a really good shot, LOL! He knows $1000 is on the line for me so agreed to sit there and be nothing but a degraded whipping boy for a video! I`m sure that turned him on in the beginning but he left a shredded piece of meat, LOL! ~Princess Bella

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This post contains all of the ideas I have been able to come up with or find on the internet for female-dominant, male-submissive scenes. Please add any that you can think of! I followed the rule of one idea per top-level comment. I’m sure that there are a lot of ideas missing, since there are plenty of things my partner and I didn’t bother to write down because the didn’t come up or weren’t interesting to us at the time.

You’ll probably notice that a lot of the ideas are designed for use over many days and are associated with orgasm control. This theme emerged over time because orgasm control is so effective at heightening male desire. We use this list in a very simple framework when setting up scenes. First she picks one or more of the ideas below (either by hand or randomly) and makes rules and tasks out of them. Then, after a few days of suffering through them and pushing me to peak sensitivity, the frequency of rules and tasks increases (over a weekend, for example) and she adapts punishments from the list (or comes up with them on her own) to achieve a good, intense session.

So anyway, I hope you enjoy them and they inspire ideas of your own! Please note, though, that we haven’t tried all of them. Some of them may not be practical. Read More