Let's Explore female domination together, let's reframe the obvious ♀

You caught him touching his erect penis in the shower. “Penalty!” you said sternly and he immediately put his arms behind his back and presented his genitals to you. You grabbed his balls and gave them 10 hard slaps while he remained totally still.

1) Enjoy a hard cock whenever and however she wants
2) Endless massages
3) The powertrip of fucking hubby in the ass with a strap-on
4) Ordering hubby around and spanking him if he does not behave
5) Have your ass and pussy licked as much as you like
6) Be pampered by a husband who is attentive to your needs 24/7
7) Breakfast in bed every day
8) Be left alone when you want to

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So your man has admitted to you that he wants to be dominated in the bedroom? Or, perhaps you have a domination fantasy that you wish to explore? Well, you are not alone! Most people have at least occasionally fantasied about BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism). And, since 50 Shades of Grey was published, interest in the subject has exploded. Just in the past few months, (since the 50 shades movie trailer first appeared on the internet) articles and blogs about BDSM have proliferated on the internet.

In this context, I have written a post specifically for the ladies out there that want to experiment with female domination and male submission. (male domination is an equally popular topic, but that will need to be discussed separately). Presented here is a list of ten general ideas for things you may want to try. Each item on the list is fairly broad, but I attempted to add as much specific information as possible. Also, there is a ton of overlap between these different ideas. None of these ideas should be considered mutually exclusive. Read More

One of the reasons Lady Edyn is so easily able to enslave men is that she has that perfect blend of feminine curves with a very fit physique. Her thighs in particular tend to gather many stray eyes from nearby men, so if this male wants permission to kiss them he will have to earn it with his pain.

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The atmosphere is perfect – candles lit, incense burning, sexy music filling the room. Your man comes to you, deliciously naked skin glowing in the candlelight…

You see the hunger in his eyes and know that it matches your own. He lays down on the bed on his stomach and your eyes feast on his hot round ass. You run your hand down his back for a moment, relishing the feel of his skin.

Then, your eyes focused on that beautiful ass, you strike – smacking his ass with your flat open palm, feeling it smart and knowing it’s even more acute for him. Your ears find joy in his delicious moan of pain and pleasure as your eyes feast on the red mark your hand left behind. You raise your hand, preparing to strike again.

Welcome to the exciting and erotic world of male spanking. Spanking is one of several forms of sexual dominance play, and this article is about the more playful aspects of play spanking (to condition him to your authority) and NOT punishment spankings, which are designed to CORRECT bad behaviour. Read More

First, I want to preface this thread that this is not one of those fantasy posts, this is an honest way that I perform chastity with my husband. When he first approached me with this, I was a bit skeptical, it seemed beyond my experience, but after three months of doing this, it is a major turn on for me knowing that my husband cannot touch himself without me unlocking him.

Because I worry if I am doing something wrong attaching the chastity devices (yes, we use multiple for different reasons) what I do is tell my husband which one I want him to wear. We have a plain chastity device, a birdlocked pico that we use for punishment, and a spiked cock ring for what I like to consider his “porn sensitivity trainer.” We also have a heavy ball stretcher and a remote shocker that I have him wear in public under his clothes and alternate between ball stretching or shocking and chastity when he goes out in public. The shocker can be fun, it is remote, push the button for a surprise or when he gets out of line. If he jerks and anyone asks just say it was back spasms.. haha

I want to reiterate what a turn on this has become for me as his wife knowing I control his cock. I am a busy person and what took away from this at first was attaching the devices and locking them in to place. Now, I have him put the device on and lock it and have him get things ready for the scenarios I want to play which I will go in to detail below.
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